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Author:Suzuki GSXR 1000 wheelies in first gear (GoPro Hero3)'s Video was Uploaded by RyansGoPro
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Suzuki GSXR 1000 K5 doing clutch wheelies Multiple viewing angles used with the GoPro Hero3 (Silver)
Chesty and Handle Bar mounts Rolling footage shot from Suzuki Bandit 650S http://www.mydailyselfmotivation.com

Some thoughts on “Suzuki GSXR 1000 wheelies in first gear (GoPro Hero3)

  1. Super Dave Tard says:

    Seeing people ...

    Seeing people wheelie without gloves really does put me off my dinner

  2. John Rider says:

    These bikes are too ...

    These bikes are too much money for doing things like this. I wouldn't buy a bike that has had this done to it and I would NEVER do this with my own bike.

  3. HORNET6 says:

    jonny, it's a K5 or ...

    jonny, it's a K5 or 6. No diference. What's the first thing you do when you fall? That's right, we put our hands out to save us. Helmet, gloves and back protector at the very least. A K5/6 will do 105mph in first on stock gearing so not so bad doing 1st gear wheelies but the wheelie instruction I had recommended clutching up in 2nd for easier control

  4. kryptikkk777 says:

    sorry but this kind ...

    sorry but this kind of wheelies on a 1000 are not worth uploading on youtube, especially if you think you are an experienced rider....

  5. RyansGoPro says:

    Thanks! It also ...

    Thanks! It also lets one get the hand of things before moving up to 2nd and 3rd :)

  6. shifter2008 says:

    oh and btw using ...

    oh and btw using clutch in 1st lets you slow wheelie better imo and then shift when your comfortable(my opinion bunch of trollers)

  7. Seannarry Riedel says:

    Ik heb nooit iemand ...

    Ik heb nooit iemand Afrikaans zien spreken maar ik kan het wel lezen. Had ik nooit gedacht.

  8. Tiens van Zyl says:

    Waar is jou gloves! ...

    Waar is jou gloves!!!!!!!!???????

  9. Eightywun says:

    I have a zx6 and ...

    I have a zx6 and learned on 1st gear power wheelies, even tho I was doing them for a few months I wasnt getting any better, once I started to clutch up in second gear, it only took me like a month to reach balance point, now I could balance my bike without my rpm's rising

  10. Dandizzle UK says:

    Calm down Kif....

    Calm down Kif....

  11. Albert Muller says:

    Wat sou julle gese ...

    Wat sou julle gese het as ek nie my baaithie gedra het nie???? Dit was warm ok :-)

  12. Dandizzle UK says:

    Rock and roll! ...

    Rock and roll! Awesome wheelies! :)

  13. fatekk says:

    Using the clutch on ...

    Using the clutch on a 1000cc to wheelie in 1st gear is more predictable than just twisting your wrist. Good job;)

  14. Seannarry Riedel says:

    Waarom praat je ...

    Waarom praat je Nederlands en Engels in een zin?

  15. Deon Klopper says:

    Wil ek ook weet

    Wil ek ook weet

  16. jonnyrockey22 says:

    Thats not a k5....?

    Thats not a k5....?

  17. RyansGoPro says:

    Yes, I am aware of ...

    Yes, I am aware of that - one can also not use the clutch at all in first gear... although this video shows wheelies in first gear with the clutch ;)

  18. KerryDoan says:

    No glove no love

    No glove no love

  19. blkgixxerslvr says:

    rider bare minimum ...

    rider bare minimum - gloves

  20. shifter2008 says:

    country?that looks ...

    country?that looks a lot like here in South Africa

  21. Bad Boy says:

    If its yours first ...

    If its yours first wheelies - first try on 2nd gear its easier than first gear ;) If you learn to wheelie on 2nd then go back to first gear :D but respect for clutch - i use it only when i ride on 600ccm because i must :P GSX-R'S ARE THE BEST! Visit my channel and watch my wheelies cheers!

  22. TheBaywolf1 says:

    I use the clutch ...

    I use the clutch on my GSXR 1000 in first gear as well. I do it with throttle only as well, but prefer to use the clutch-up method.

  23. Bad Boy says:

    Use clutch in ...

    Use clutch in 1000cc bike for what? 2nd and 3rd gear? FOR WHAT? my gsx-r 1000 do wheelie without clutch on first three gears ;) more vids on my channel soon

  24. Tiens van Zyl says:

    Eintlik praat ek ...

    Eintlik praat ek Afrikaans en Engels in een sin :) Of soos ons hier se praat ons slang ;)

  25. Chris Otwell says:

    Youll get em just ...

    Youll get em just keep practicein try em standin up